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We have moved!

Our new address is:
5501 Willow Creek Dr, Suite 203, Springdale 72762

Is it safe?

Laser tattoo removal treatments are extremely safe procedures and our professionals are certified laser specialists


How many sessions will it take?

There are several different factors that are involved in determining how many sessions will be required, but the average amount in 9 to 12 sessions.

What if I’m Pregnant?

We do not treat patients that are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or that are breastfeeding. Even though there are no known side effects to affect you or your baby it is best to wait until you are past these things


What about colorful tattoos?

Some colors may take extra treatments, but we can remove colorful tattoos.

Are you ready for a change? We use modern laser removal techniques with a process that involves very little pain, leaving you with the clearest skin possible. Your friends at Clear Canvas are excited to help you along your journey.

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