How does a centuries-old health and wellness practice the modern-day procedure of tattoo removal? In short: by stimulating the circulation system and helping you focus on healing.

While we have more expertise in the tattoo removal aspect of this article, we do understand the basic therapeutic principles yoga provides.

Oxygen and Blood Circulation

Yoga focuses on intentional breathing, muscle control through certain poses, and body awareness through balance. In the process of breathing through poses, your oxygen levels increase, along with blood circulation. The more efficient your blood circulation, the faster your body will recover from tattoo removal treatment.

Muscle control while holding poses also stimulates blood flow to the areas of the body needed to achieve the pose. Again, blood circulation will help remove the ink from your skin and restore the area undergoing treatment.

Balance is both mental and physical. In balance poses, your mind is focused on one thing – not toppling over – and your body works in harmony with your brain to remain stable. This tandem effort again helps to increase circulation, and it also calms your thought process which leads to greater relaxation.

Sleep Patterns and Tattoo Removal

Expanding on the thought-calming benefit of yoga mentioned above, is the quality of sleep yoga encourages. During the tattoo removal process, your nervous system is stimulated, both by the laser, and the mental activities associated with these procedures.

Yoga helps to counteract the additional excitement your nervous system encounters: nervousness about the procedure, memories concerning the tattoo itself, etc. By practicing deep breathing, meditation, and stress releasing during yoga, your body is better prepared to rest and recover during sleep.

We are here to help you through every step of your tattoo removal experience. Please contact us with any questions about creating your own clear canvas.