There are a lot of Americans sporting tattoos these days, according to a study by the Statistic Brain Research Institute. They performed a direct mail/online survey and tallied these results:

  • Percentage of U.S. adults 18 – 25 who have at least one tattoo: 36%
  • Percentage of U.S. adults 26 – 40 who have at least one tattoo: 40%
  • Total percent of Americans (all ages) who have at least one tattoo: 14%
  • Total number of Americans that have at least one tattoo: 45 million

What does that mean for us as tattoo removal specialists? Regret.

The group also asked Americans if they regretted their decision to get ink:

  • Percentage of people who have some regret after getting their tattoo: 17%
  • Percentage of people with a tattoo who are getting or have had one removed: 11%

Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)

Tattoo Removal: Subject Matter

Poorly executed tattoos are some of the most frequently removed. Especially if you’re in the public eye. Celebrities’ tattoo stories are relatively easy to follow. Demi Lovato had a lip tattoo that ended up looking rather vulgar. Blake Shelton’s deer tracks between barbed wire resulted in a confusing armband he refers to as “Sugar Smacks.”

Then there is the issue of trends. If there are a lot of a certain design out in the world it turns out that a lot of them are also going to be removed. Trends on the way out in the tattoo department are:

  • Fairies
  • Signs of the Zodiac
  • Celtic Designs
  • Butterflies
  • Barbed Wire
  • Dolphins

It’s All In The Name

The most popular tattoo removal category is the name. Formerly important people are at the top of the list of folks going through the tattoo removal process.

British news agency, The Telegraph, canvassed popular tattoo removal clinics in the UK, and came up with this list of most-removed names:

Top 10 most-removed male names

  • Lee
  • Darrell
  • Phil
  • Steve
  • Gary
  • Richard
  • John
  • Paul
  • Joe
  • Nathan

Top 10 most-removed female names

  • Kelly
  • Shannon
  • Jessica
  • Lauren
  • Sarah
  • Lisa
  • Katie
  • Tina
  • Megan
  • Amy

Source: Article

We understand ink may not be the best way to convey your love for someone. Please call us today to schedule a free consultation for tattoo removal.